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Prairie Plain Song [CD]
A Flute Meditation
Al Jewer

Prairie Plain Song blends beautiful flute melodies with the relaxing sounds of nature--from gentle rain to forest sounds.

Featuring hand-made Indian flutes, silver concert flute, and the deep, mellow tones of the alto and bass flutes, Al shares his original music and his vision of tranquility with nature.


In this long awaited solo album, Al draws upon his vast musical experiences with Native American, classical and Celtic music.  The original compositions found here reflect these influences, but also channel his deepest heartfelt emotions.  Through his music, Al expresses the unity of nature and humanity.

Laughing Cat Records

Track Listing

1.  Celtic Song (6:54)

2.  Honor Song (4:47)

3.  Echo Canyon (6:24)

4.  Star Symphony (5:42)

5.  Stormy Fall (6:10)

6.  Walking Eagle (5:11)

7.  Reflection (5:56)

8.  Late Fall (1:00)

9.  Elegy for a Friend (5:33)

Total Running Time (47:39)